Welcome to Smith Foundation

Smith Foundation(SFI) is a Socio Religious Organization, committed to the holistic  development of people in India. The SFI works toward social, moral, spiritual, emotional and financial development of a person.  (Welcome to SFI)


SFI : The Founder

From Harilal Swarnkar to Cornelius Smith : The Smith Foundation

Harilal, a young dynamic person, goldsmith by caste, was a well educated and devotee person in his life. During British rule in India he had enough education to attain a high class job.  ( SFI : The Founder )



  • The vision of SFI is to create a just, equal and peaceful society by using the life and teaching of Jesus Christ, where everybody shares and cares for the poor, unprivileged and exploited people and make the world a better place to live in. ( SFI : Vision
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