Prime Projects

SFI runs several small and big projects. These are some Prime Projects of SFI:

Slum Literacy Center

Education is one of the most essential needs of human life. But for the people staying in slums it has been a great challenge to provide good education to their children. People in the slum have very low standard of livelihood due to very limited income. Thus they certainly need good earning through better earning sources. They also need health facilities and educational support. Most of all the main reason of such a struggling life is the lack of awareness toward health and education.  Click this link for more detail: Slum Literacy Center

Discipleship Center

What we do

Discipleship Cum Skill Development Program is a customized program to help and train people for the work of the ministry having their own resources. The discipleship training helps them to become a disciple and to make disciples. The skill development program helps them to stand on their own feet financially.  At the end one is having his/her own self-sustaining ministry. Click this link for more detail: Discipleship Center