Discipleship Center

What we do

Discipleship Cum Skill Development Program is a customized program to help and train people for the work of the ministry having their own resources. The discipleship training helps them to become a disciple and to make disciples. The skill development program helps them to stand on their own feet financially.  At the end one is having his/her own self-sustaining ministry.


Why we do

Many people having passion for Church planting and disciple making are not having enough training and resources to accomplish their vision. They eventually have to look for organizations and other agencies to support them particularly in the area of finance and training. Thus, they are compelled to work on other’s vision while their own call for particular ministry is quenched. The other reason is resources they get from outside is very limited that it can’t help minister and the ministry together to survive for long. At the end they find themselves in a big chaos and their call and ministry ends up in unfruitful manner.


How we do

By seeing the need and situation Smith Foundation came up with customized program to help people to work on their own call and achieve the goals set on their own vision. The aim of this program is to help an individual, having passion and call for ministry, to start or to get involved in the area of ministry they are called for. Along with the ministry training and involvement the person is helped and supported to learn money generating skill to earn for his/her need. In some case the person is also helped with investment to start his/her own small business depending on their choices. Which will help them to become financially secure.


What is the outcome

The goal of the program is to raise a self-sustaining minister. At the end of one-year period with the beneficiary is a disciple maker and Church planter. The beneficiary is also having his own source of income which helps him and his family to survive. Sometime they have enough to invest in the ministry too. After one year of program if the person is not strong enough, we continue to help him/her through other channels and resources until he/she feel secure and freedom to do the work of ministry.


What resources are required

There are various resources which are used to run this program. First of all, a small office set is done to run and follow up the entire program. Discipleship curriculum and teachers are set to train a person to become disciple and further disciple maker. Discipleship training in small groups and workshops in class room set up is organized as per the need.


A team of people is set to find out skills and interests in a person and help him/her to decide what skill training or what sort of business he/she should go for. Entire fee, travel cost and other expanses for skill training is paid by the project. If business, entire investment to run it at least for 3 months is taken care of by the project.