Social Concern

SFI through its sister concerns is actively involved in various Social Ventures:

SFI actively contributes to the following program run by Yah Educational Trust. More details could be seen on

Children  Empowerment

Education Centre: Education is one of the most essential needs of human life. But for the people staying in slums it has been a great challenge to provide good education to their children. People in the slum have very low standard of livelihood due to very limited income. Thus they certainly need good earning through better earning sources. They also need health facilities and educational support. It is a center which works toward bringing awareness to the people of the slum concerning health and education. A center where we can give classes to children and adults, organize seminars on various issues, provide study materials and medical care to people of the slum.

Children Club: Children are the most precious gift of God to this world. Unfortunately, many children are not growing into the knowledge and love of God the Creator, YET in its target areas, seeks to help children to grow healthy in every area of live. Kids club is a designed program where children learn moral values and Godliness. Children meet once a week in kid’s clubs. Most of the kids come from different walks of life and religious background. In these clubs they are encouraged to focus on academic educations, beside moral teachings, mannerism, basic teachings on health and hygiene.

Children Sponsorship: Children Sponsorship is one of the most needed project for underprivileged children run by YET in order to address to the needs of poor and destitute children.  Through this program we provide financial help to those children whose parents come from very low income group.  This help is given to meet their study expenses and to have nutritious food. Children stay at their home with parents while YET takes care of their study and healthy food.

Educational Camp: Educational camp is a supervised program for children or teenagers conducted during the summer/winter months. These camps and programs are alternative classrooms and learning settings – sometimes without walls – that help children advance an educational interest or skill. There are camps for the performing arts, music, magic, computers, language learning, mathematics, children with special needs. The focus of the Camp is to strengthen children in extra curriculum activities. Children from every walks of live have been participating in our various camps.

Free Meals: YET is providing free healthy meal once a day to several poor and needy children. These children are enrolled in our Education program. Their parents are daily wages labour and have no way to look after them throughout the day. YET provides food, education and proper care to such children six days a week. YET aims to provide food to millions of children and adults does not have enough resource to get three meals a day.

Youth Empowerment

Youth Empowerment is an attitudinal, structural and cultural process whereby young people gain the ability, authority and agency to make decisions and implement change in their own lives and the lives of other people, including youth and adults.

YET organizes Youth Camps and Cultural Programs for young people time to time. Music, dance, quizzes, speech, talent shows are the most popular activities in Youth Camps. These camps cater to educational thrush of young people as well as moral and social awareness too. Along with camps YET also organizes Education Tours for young people. Group of young people are taken to historical places, museums and other educational ventures to get a boost to their knowledge and also to be acquainted to the ancient and contemporary events of our country. Music concerts, Indoor games competitions and Workshops on various issues are also organized by YET time to time for young people.

Women Empowerment

The purpose of women empowerment is to strengthen women to perform better in their personal and family lives. YET runs several Programs and activities to empower destitute and underprivileged women.

Sewing Centre: Sewing and embroidery has become a popular source of income for ladies now a day. Ladies and young girls are being trained in our sewing center. After the training they are being provided needed necessary equipment to start their own business.

School of Beauty: Beauty industry has been a fastest growing business in today’s world. It is very popular area of work for women in India. By seeing this need YET decided to help young girls and women to equip themselves to become a beautician and stand on their own feet. Through these training women are becoming financially independent to help their families.

Micro Finance: YET also looks possibilities to help women through micro finance scheme to start their own small business. Underprivileged and needy women are given small amount to run their business and return money in small installment. However, the main focus of micro finance is not to compel them to return money but to help them to stand on their own feet and become independent in the area of finance.

Women Get Together: Women in the slums get together in certain place to have fellowship with each other and to learn about better living in the society.  Various resource persons are invited to teach women on different issues.

Other Social Projects

Leprosy project: Leprosy is not a curse but it is only a disease and it is curable. It is very hard to make people understand and accept this fact, especially those who are affected by it. There are nearly 4000 leprosy patients living in various leprosy colonies in Delhi.  Their lives are quite different and difficult than others.  Most of them believe that they get leprosy because of their sin and bad karma and therefore do not take it as a curable disease.  YET works among some of these people with leprosy. We visit them time to time and give them counseling.  We try to persuade them to believe that leprosy is not a curse but it is only a disease and it is curable.  We take them to the hospitals for free treatment. YET also seeks to help children of lepers to come to the main stream of life in the society.

Health and hygiene: Health and hygiene is one of the very critical issue in slums of India. YET time to time organize health camps and health awareness programs in slums and underprivileged areas in partnership of likeminded organizations. People from slums are even taken to health and hygiene seminars and workshops in different locations. A big difference in the living habits of slum people have been noticed specially those who have been attending awareness programs. YET seeks to organizes training program inside slums to encourage more participants to attend these programs and learn about better living.

HIV/AIDS: HIV/AIDS has been a serious issue in slum dwellers, thus YET counts it necessary to work towards bringing awareness into the lives of people in slum. A big number of people from slums have been taken to attend HIV/AIDS seminars in various places. YET’s volunteers also seeks to give counseling to people affected by HIV/AIDS. YET network with various other organizations working for HIV/AIDS awareness.